About us

Ordo Caput Mortuum - worldwide spreaded alliance of magicians, occultists and esoteric.

​The symbol of the Order: the geometric sigil symbolizing the egregor of the Order on the mental plane, combined with a monochrome image of a butterfly "Totenkopf" (lat. Acherontia atropos).


The purpose of creation the Order and the internal activities of the Order: the cooperative search, accumulation, systematization, study and treatment knowledge of the occult; modern magic development based on both traditional and innovative esoteric currents; cooperation of adherents in joint research and practices in the field of magic.

External activities of the Order: the interaction with people and organizations that are interested in carrying out joint research; Consultancy in the field of magic, the occult and esoteric; neophytes training predisposed to magic; production of magical artifacts.

Официальный сайт Ордена Мертвой Головы (Ordo Caput Mortuum) - всемирно распределенной организации магов, оккультистов и эзотериков

Our main aimes are: search, storage, study, testing and ordering a variety of knowledge related to magic. A further aim is to enhance the magical egregor and strengthening it in the Treaty of the Planet. We do not share the views of atheists and skeptics, have no any relation to the Satanists, in general, we do not share the idea of worship to anyone, but, nevertheless, respect the different currents, if the co-operation with their representatives can be helpful to us.

We are alien to the religious worldview, we do not consider the events through the prism of superficial judgments about "good" and "evil", we do not see the meaning in it, we are not trying to prove something, and we are adult enough not to pay attention to the opinion of other people and make this opinion important to us . We have no relation to any pseudo magic flows like "fantasy" and it is not acceptable pseudo magic terminology, it is not interesting to us. We are also studing various areas indirectly related to magic, we check and take for ourselves that can be applied.

In our way of realization of our aims, we use a scientific point of view and use in our research cutting-edge science and technology (when it is possible) affecting the region, which used to belong entirely to the magic. We consider the old doctrine of magic, as well as new scientific approaches. Our philosophy is based on the western model, we share the concept of reincarnation, chakras, multidimensionality, etc.

We share the scientific approach, that means that we study and practice, we do not take anything on faith, faith for us - is only a tool in practice. We are not interested in wars, antagonism and enmity, we are interesting in the studing of magic, and look forward to work in the field of information exchange. Requests for accept to any closed information from different clans, orders (such as lessons, etc.), will be denied, we hold not only our secrets but also the secrets of other organizations (in case we learn them), we have our own Corpus. We do not violate someone's copyright, spreading information, we point out authors if it is possible. In the case of malfunctioning or confusion about the authorship, please write to us and we will indicate your authorship.

This site was created not only as a representative of the Order on the Internet, but also as a useful tool for those who are also searching for truth. Learning magic requires time and perseverance. If you're not ready for this, then it's not the right place for you. If we somehow infringes your opinion or your religious views, just leave this site.

​If you copy materials from this site make reference to the author and the source obligatory. All the materials you use at your own risk.